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Equipping the women of Sovereign Grace Church to be disciples who delight in, display, and declare the gospel. 

Sovereign Grace Women

At Sovereign Grace Church, we appreciate the fact that both men and women are created equal in the image of God yet created differently. For this reason the elders of Sovereign Grace church co-labor with a women's ministry committee to provide opportunities for all women to be equipped by God's Word and encouraged by one another to live out the gospel in their lives.  

Sovereign Grace Women's Ministry exists to:

  • Embed in women a theological vision for all of life and ministry in the church.
  • For the purpose of creating and maintaining a sisterly camaraderie among the women of our church.
  • To equip women to do ministry in the church, home, and community using their God given gifts in their varied roles.
  • To equip women to go into the world near and far with the gospel. 

Each year we host a prayer retreat, a Christmas social, and informally gather for community-sponsored events such as outdoor concerts, community ed. classes, plays, and tours. To help foster friendships in the church and provide a place to invite friends from outside the church into our life together, we offer a ministry called Table Life. We also encourage women to enroll in our theological classes and training to be equipped to serve in the church. 

Table Life

The pressures of hurry and perfectionism have compromised the life God created for us to savor, especially for women. Looking at Jesus's ''table life,'' we discover how he transformed the tone, meaning, and connection of life at the table. 

Table Life is an opportunity for women and their friends to meet face-to-face in homes once a month and share a simple meal and connect with other women over our life stories and Christ centered conversations without the pressure of performance. It's a time for some hearty laughter and maybe a few tears. It's time well spent that leaves hearts glad in Jesus and the gift of friends. 

What Does Table Life Look Like?

It's really simple. It's 6-8 women enjoying a meal and one another for a couple of hours by answering prepared questions that will make you think about and engage with God. It’s an opportunity for the women of the church and your neighbors and friends to be able to gather around a meal in each others homes and develop a deep connection over simple yet tasty food and delightful conversation.

How Can I Participate in Table Life?

Table Life events run from September to July in the life of the church. You are welcome to join at any time. For dates and times of the next Table Life event in your area email us.