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Pastoral Training

Pastoral Training

Churches and pastors are uniquely equipped and commissioned for the work of raising up future pastors. This allows for an ongoing, multifaceted view of a man’s life and gifting by the elders and members of the local church in evaluating qualifications for pastoral ministry.

Character Evaluation and Training (1-2 Years)

Evaluation and training of men for future pastoral leadership begins through membership in the local church. After a season of participation in discipleship groups and serving in the church, men with an expressed sense of calling to pastoral ministry are invited to the Entrust and Prepare pastoral ministry courses taught by Rick Gamache.

Entrust is a year-long course that focuses on theology, methodology, and the practical aspects of pastoral ministry in the local church. Prepare is a preaching course for the study of homiletics which includes a preaching lab where students preach sermons and receive evaluation and feedback.

Pastoral Internships (1 Year)

After successful completion of the Entrust and Prepare courses, ongoing training in the life of the church may include a pastoral internship. Internships are designed to expose a man to the pastoral ministry through up-close observations of the elder team, ministry opportunities, deeper character evaluation, and mentored discernment of a man's sense of calling. Internships are part-time, unpaid positions within the life of the church.

Sovereign Grace Pastors College (1 Year)

After evaluation of a man’s gifting and current level of academic and practical training through an internship, the possibility of attendance at the Sovereign Grace Pastors College* is considered. While not all men may attend the Pastors College, it is a highly recommended aspect of becoming a pastor within Sovereign Grace. 

Pastoral Residencies (1-2 Years)

Books_2A pastoral residency** is offered to men who have completed the required pastoral training and whose call to pastoral ministry has been confirmed by the elders of Sovereign Grace Church. A residency serves to offer practical, hands-on ministry experience as a man pursues his personal sense of calling. Lord willing, the pastoral residency opens the door to vocational ministry opportunities in our denomination, Sovereign Grace Churches,  through local church pastoring, church planting, or international ministry.

*Limited scholarships are available for attendance at the Sovereign Grace Pastors College.

**Each pastoral residency is uniquely designed based on the sense of a man's calling to ministry and the local elderships vision for the church. Some pastoral residencies are paid positions funded through the generosity of our members and dedicated funds set aside from the church’s operating fund for leadership development.