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Sow Initiative

Sow Initiative

Establishing an Outpost of Ministry for Increased Gospel Advancement


What if our facilities, instead of being an obstacle, accelerated our mission?

Sovereign Grace Church exists to make disciples who delight in, display, and declare the gospel of Jesus Christ. We made it really easy to memorize our mission statement because we want it to be the shared mission of our lives and our life together. This is a mission that we’re never going to fulfill in this age (and some parts will go on for all eternity). So it’s what will always drive us: we will always delight in the gospel and in our Lord and Savior at the center of that glorious good news. We will always be living in the good of the gospel and encouraging one another to live in the good of the gospel so that it transforms us more and more as a display of the gospel’s power. And we will go right on declaring the gospel to a lost and broken people who need a Savior more desperately than they know.

Within that wider mission, we believe that the Lord gave us a fresh vision several years ago that should affect our praying and planning for the next several years: “Three church plants and a church building by 2020.” Almost immediately God brought us a church planter in Greg Dirnberger. What we thought was going to be a church plant in the north metro, is now the thriving Emmaus Road Church in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. One down, two to go.

But what we’re sensing is that now is the time to pursue that church building. To sow roots in CVt0YscUEAAxgURBurnsville before we send out any additional church plants. The elders feel like now is the time to establish an outpost for ministry in Burnsville.  

So we want to sow roots in Burnsville with a full-time home of our own so that we can reach Burnsville for Jesus and reach beyond Burnsville as we continue to send for the sake of gospel advancement. Now is the time to sow roots for the sake of future sending.


What Is Next?

We have signed a long-term lease for space in Burnsville. In the spring of 2018 we will be moving to 500 East Travelers Trail in Burnsville.