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Short-Term Trips

Short-Term Trips

As disciples of Jesus experience life, ministry, and gospel advancement in a different city or foreign country, they are compelled to display and declare the gospel in their own.

Equipping Disciples For Making Disciples

One of the ways we pursue and live out the making of disciples who delight in, display, and declare the gospel is through our short-term trips. When we set aside our regular rhythms of life to serve together and share the gospel in ways that challenge our desires for comfort and ease, our priorities realign and our lives are changed as we submit more fully to Jesus work in and through us. Whether you go by yourself, with your family, or with a group of friends, these trips are a great opportunity to bring the good news of the gospel to our country and the nations.

To participate in a short-term trip we ask that you:

  1. Be a regular attendee of Sovereign Grace Church. Church membership is not required, however, members may be given preference in the selection process when spots are limited.
  2. Be responsible for the total cost of trip. Those who choose to fundraise must abide by The Sovereign Grace Church fundraising policies.
  3. Be committed to working together as a team and humbly submitting to the team leader.
  4. Be able to attend team meetings and trainings.
  5. Meet all of the physical, emotional, and/or other requirements for trip participants.

For information about upcoming short-term trips, contact our pastor for outreach