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The Lamb-Like Lion; The Lion-Like Lamb

May 7, 2017 Speaker: Rick Gamache Series: The Book of Revelation

Topic: Heaven Verse: Revelation 5:1–5:14

We need a gloriously complex God. Those of us who are suffering, need more than a King to rule over us; we need a sympathetic Lamb who suffered too. But we also lack wisdom and direction, so we need more than a comforter to hold our hand, we need a Lion who knows all. We sin and we struggle, so we need a Lamb who can deal with the guilt of our sin. And we need a Lion who can devour all the evil in this world that works against us. And that’s exactly who Jesus is because he’s the Lamb-like Lion and the Lion-like Lamb. He is a majestic Lion and a meek Lamb. He’s the transcendent Lion and the condescending Lamb. He’s the Lion executing justice and the Lamb dispensing mercy. He's the God who meets all our needs and is infinitely worthy of all our worship.

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