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Next Steps

Next Steps

What is the best way to get connected in our church? Here are the top four ways we suggest.

1. Keep Coming!

Regularly coming back to our Sunday Celebration is one of the best ways to know more about who we are and what we're all about. Our worship in song and preaching will give you an opportunity to learn more about us and as your face becomes more familiar, we'll get to learn more about you.

2. Connect with Us Personally 

Feel free to stop by our Welcome Center on a Sunday to talk with a pastor or church member before or after the Sunday Celebration. We would love to get to know you, hear your story, answer any questions, and connect you to the life of our church. You can also contact us at the church office to meet with a pastor.

3. Visit a Discipleship Group

Discipleship groups are not only the primary entry point into community within SGC, but they also are the place where members make the mission of the church personal by encouraging and challenging each other to grow in and go with the gospel. Visiting a discipleship group is the best way to be a part of Sovereign Grace Church. 

To experience a discipleship group, email us with your name and where you live and we'll get you in touch with a discipleship group in your area.

4. Attend our Membership Class

Being a member is your way of saying, "I'm all in. You can count on me." It's also the best way to tell the pastors of Sovereign Grace Church, "I want your prayers, your care, your counsel, your teaching, and your godly example." This class doesn't commit you to membership, but allows you to learn more about Sovereign Grace and what we believe so you can decide whether you would like to take the next step of becoming a member. Our membership course takes place quarterly over four consecutive Sundays.