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Local Missions

Local Missions

In pursuing our mission to make disciples who display and declare the gospel, we seek to serve our neighborhoods and community through both word and deed.

Local Missions

At Sovereign Grace Church we want to make Jesus known in our local communities. We want to see every aspect of our city blessed by God's people: business, arts, education, sports, recreation, and social services. Our aim is to give non-Christians a glimpse of the love of Christ through our actions which will then lead to opportunities to invite them into our lives and the life of the church where they will hear the good news of the gospel. 

We serve our neighborhoods directly through our discipleship huddles by encouraging each group to identify a group of people whom they believe God is sending them to love, serve, and share Jesus with. It could be a neighborhood or network of relationships. Some might choose to love and serve with one of our local partners, while others will identify people they are in regular relationship with. 

Local Partnerships

Our partnerships with different churches and organizations give our church members the opportunity to take their love for the lost into the community so that non-Christians see changed hearts in action. We are invested, involved, and connected in these relationships for the purpose of gospel advancement.

Partner Organizations

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