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Discipleship Groups and Huddles

Discipleship Groups and Huddles

Discipleship Groups and Huddles offer a smaller more intimate context for members and regular attenders of Sovereign Grace Church to help one another follow Jesus as we connect to Jesus' church, grow in Christlikeness, serve one another, and go with the gospel.

Because believers are not saved into isolation from one another, but into community with one another, we bring glory to God as his church when we connect to the body of Christ. We need the grace of biblical fellowship to be disciples of Jesus who walk obediently in the discipleship lifestyle. We need one another to press on when life gets hard and we just can’t go it alone. We need the grace that flows to us from God’s church, from other disciples.

Discipleship Groups and Huddles exist to help one another discern areas in our lives where God is calling us to grow in obedience and help one another respond to that calling with greater faith through the power of the gospel.

What is a Discipleship Group?

Discipleship Groups are local gatherings of 12-14 individuals connected to the church, typically from a close neighborhood proximity, where the goals of connecting, serving, growing, and going can be pursued together.

After an elder lead initiative this past fall to restructure our life together at Sovereign Grace Church, discipleship groups will launch in the fall of 2018 after we settle in the rythm of our discpleship huddles. More details will be provided on discipleship group leaders, and meeting content, in the summer of 2018. Questions are welcome before this time frame by contacting pastor Jon Hansel.

What is a Discipleship Huddle?

Discipleship Huddles are gatherings of 3 to 6 Christ followers of the same gender that covenant together for 10 months to help one another grow and go through the power of the gospel.

Discipleship Huddles follow the pattern of discipleship we see in the gospels. Jesus calls a group of disciples to journey together for an extended period. During this time, they learn to emulate Jesus. Jesus sends the disciples out on mission. They go out. Then they come back together to receive encouragement and challenge. Next, they get sent out again and the cycle continues.

Huddles are not discipleship through knowledge, but discipleship through encouragement and exhortation towards obedience. Rather than curriculum, Huddles revolve around four major questions:

  1. Where is God calling you to grow in response to your current life experience?
  2. How might God be using this current experience to advance his gospel to non-Christians?
  3. How does gospel truth empower you to grow and go in this life experience for God's glory?
  4. What's your plan to move forward in faith?

How Can I join a Discipleship Group or Huddle?

Use our groups directory to locate a Discipleship Group or Huddle near you.