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The Desks of SGC: Shawn Powers

Shawn Desk:workspace.JPG

Sometimes cluttered but never unorganized, this desk is Pastor Shawn's personal space to study God’s Word, pray, and counsel others. 

In this brief interview, we learn more about Shawn Powers, his obsession with coffee, and what it means to serve Sovereign Grace Church. 

Looking at your desk, what is one item you cannot live without?

My Bible and Coffee (I know, that’s two items!)

What is your favorite item currently on your desk?

I always have a Greek Septuagint and Greek New Testament on my desk. My Greek Septuagint is a reflection of my love for the New Testament Apostles and early church fathers who readily relied on the translation of the Septuagint.

Okay, now it's time to get real... What is your office cleanliness level on a scale from 1-10?

Eh . . . it’s relative.

What's an item you would like to add to your desk?

More commentaries. A commentary set. Another commentary. 

What passage is your Bible open to?

At the moment my Bible is opened to Matthew 1:18-25. I am preparing for a sermon for NexGen about the birth of Jesus entitled: The Miracle, the Man, and His Mission.

What do you use the notebook for?

From the moment I felt called by God to plant a church in Des Moines, I created a notebook (journal) of thoughts, ideas, and personal prayers to God about planting a church in Des Moines. It’s with me at all times.

What's currently in your to-read stack?

Books that I am currently reading include: Discipling by Mark Dever, Recovering Redemption by Matt Chandler and Michael Snetzer, and Martin Luther: Visionary Reformer by Scott H. Hendrix. There is also always a stack of commentaries on my desk.

What are you currently listening to?

Indelible Grace.

Light or Dark Roast? 


Inbox currently at...?