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The Desks of SGC: Rick Gamache

Dad Desk.JPG

Pastor Rick loves his pastoral study and desk, which is even bigger than you see here. This is the place where Rick gets to study God's word and commune with him. It's not a bad place to sit for 9-10 hours every day. And when he needs to stretch his legs and have human contact, Rick's best friends work right across the hall.

In this brief interview, we learn more about Rick Gamache, his favorite action figures, and his sermon prep rituals. 

What's one item on your desk you can’t live without?

My Bible, which is on a part of the desk you can't see. And my Bible software, which you see a bit of in the corner of my laptop screen.

What's your favorite item on your desk?

I love my Luther mug because it's often filled with coffee. And because it was a gift from my friends and fellow pastors from our Sovereign Grace church in Roseburg, Oregon. And because of the very Lutheresque quote on the back: "If God told me to eat the dung from off the street, not only would I eat it, but I would know it was good for me."

Okay, admit it... What's your office cleanliness level on a scale from 1-10?

I like a clean desk. Never below an 8. My pastoral study is my sanctuary from the chaos and disorder of the rest of my life.

An item you could really use?

I feel very content with what I have. But if you were to press me: a standing desk would be nice.

Are there a stories behind the minion figures and car model?

I don't remember why the minions except that I love the minions. They make me laugh. The car is the Batmobile. The 1960s Batmobile. The coolest car ever made. My Batmobile was a gift from Tim Erickson, a fellow Batman enthusiast.

What’s the sheet of paper hanging from the cabinets?

I always hang the week's sermon text there so that I can read it over and over throughout the week. That's from the book of Revelation.

What are you currently listening to?

I listen to Classical MPR all day. Except on sermon writing day. That day I listen to all the Beethoven I own. And then I move on to Mozart. That's my soundtrack for every sermon.

What are the scratches from?

That's where my forearms and elbows rest as I read, study, and pray. Over the years I've worn off the finish.

Where did you get the baseball?

I'm not sure where it came from. Probably my son Haddon since it's an official MLB ball and he has more official league baseballs than any kid I know. I lean back in my chair and toss it in the air when I think.

Inbox currently at...?

When the picture was taken, I had one email in my inbox. Now I have two. Because I received this questionnaire. That low number is an unusual phenomenon. But a welcome one.