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The Desks of SGC: Jon Hansel


A messy desk means much productivity. Right? 

In this brief interview, we learn more about Pastor Jon, his need for hand sanitizer, and his varied music tastes. 

What is one item on your desk you can’t live without?

Hand sanitizer. Yep, it's an obsessive disorder. Someday, Jesus will make it right.

Be honest, what's your office cleanliness level on a scale from 1-10?

Depends on the time of day. Morning 10, Midday 5, Evening 10.

TWO mugs of coffee??

Small mug of caffeine for the sanity of my coworkers. Large mug of caffeine for days when things just feel too quiet.*

*Note: this is usually when Jon starts singing throughout the office.

What are some titles in your stack of to-reads?

Contagious Discipleship Making by Watson; A Theology of Biblical Counseling by Lambert; Making all Things New, Powlison.

What’s on the post-it notes?

Bible verses, quotes, reminders.

What are you currently listening to?

Imagine Dragons and U2 (for accounting), Swing Jazz (for routine tasks), Classical (for mental productivity tasks).

Coffee or tea?


Your inbox is currently at...?

Inbox at 0. Delete, delegate, respond, defer and do. Merlin Mann all the way!!!!!