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Coming Soon: Pastor Ben Maurer

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In just a matter of weeks, Ben Maurer and his family will return to Burnsville from Pastor’s College in Louisville and plug into ministry in the life of Sovereign Grace Church. In this interview, Ben gives a few highlights from Pastor’s College and shares what excites him about coming on staff at SGC.

What drew you to pursue pastoral ministry?

ben right sizeThe short version is that over time God grew my heart for our church. As I have served in various ministry teams and capacities over the years, my love for the church generally and our body specifically simply compelled me to at least consider whether God would have me serve in pastoral ministry. After several years of prayer, training, and assessment, it became clear that God was calling me to become a pastor. This is all summarizing so many amazing stories of God’s grace and provision to an almost criminal degree, but there it is!

What are some highlights of your time at pastor’s college? How has the experienced shaped you and your family?

There have been so many amazing experiences it’s hard to isolate just a few, but I’ll do my best! First, it’s been an absolute privilege to live and study alongside the rest of the PC families. 7 out of the 10 families live together in the same apartment complex, so we’ve had the opportunity to all spend time together as families both in and out of class. Hearing stories of God’s faithfulness and providence in bringing all of us here together to prepare for ministry has been a huge blessing and a wonderful encouragement.

I’ve also been hugely impacted by the structure and unique focus of Pastors College. While our courses have been intense and rigorous, what makes the PC special is the laser focus on the need for what we are studying to penetrate not only our heads, but also our hearts. The fact that our class has broken out in spontaneous worship on more than a few occasions during class is a testament to the quality and character of our instructors and our experience.

This year at PC has been very beneficial to our whole family. While I have received the majority of the formal instruction, there has been tremendous support, encouragement, and instruction for Allie as well. As a family I think it has been evident that God has used this year to grow us closer together and to give us all a vision for our life together as a family within the local church.

What excites you about returning to SGC?

Is everything an acceptable answer?

If I have to narrow it down, I am so extremely excited for us to be returning right as we replant the church into Burnsville! I believe God is going to give us so many opportunities to engage our community with Gospel, and I can’t wait to see what God will do in and through us!

What ministries will you oversee?

I will have the privilege of overseeing our Youth and College and Career ministries.

What are you most excited to place on your desk at the new offices?

When I was in my brother Aaron’s wedding, he gave me the best groomsmen gift ever: a handmade sculpture of Boba Fett made entirely out of nails, bolts, spark plugs, and chain links. This amazing sculpture has sat on every desk I’ve worked at since I got it, and I can’t wait to find just the right spot for it on my desk at the new offices!

What commentary (or book) are you dying to dive into?

Can I interpret this as plural? I’m going to interpret this as plural. There are many great things about the Pastors College, but one of the things that is less than enjoyable is that you read so much for class you don’t have time to read anything that isn’t assigned. So my reading list has grown somewhat lengthy. If I had to choose just a couple, I’d say at the top of my list would be John Piper’s Scripture Trilogy (A Peculiar Glory, Reading the Bible Supernaturally, and Expository Exultation), The Unquenchable Flame: Discovering the Heart of the Reformation by Michael Reeves, God in the Dark: The Assurance of Faith Beyond a Shadow of Doubt by Os Guinness, and The Doctrine of the Knowledge of God by John Frame. I’m also really eager to dig into William Mounce’s commentary on the Pastoral Epistles and Tremper Longman’s commentary on Ecclesiastes.