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Prioritizing the Church Fuels Passion for the Church


God has joined us and is building us together for a purpose. We have a purpose. A God-given purpose. This church, this relatively small, relatively unimpressive, seemingly ordinary church, with the same preachers teaching the same doctrine to the same people in the same basic order Sunday after Sunday--this church is central to God’s purposes. Our importance and significance and inherent value has nothing to do with our size or how ordinary we might appear to many. Our significance is found in the reason we exist. And we exist to fulfill God’s purposes in the world. And there is nothing more noble or important as that.

And it’s remembering our purpose that will fuel our passion. If our love for the church is dull and she’s slipped down the priority list in life, it’s probably because we’ve neglected our purpose. Purpose ignites passion.

Passion fluxuates, doesn’t it? We can be passionate about the church one day and dull the next. And we can get so used to being a part of the church and part of God’s purposes, that we go dull. It’s a result of the fall. We get so used to things. And we get distracted by lesser things. And so what once excited us and energized us doesn’t affect us much at all anymore. Maybe you feel kind of sluggish when it comes to the church today. It happens. It happened to me. And it was a crisis. I’m a pastor. And it lasted a season. About 6 years ago, 10 years into my pastorate, the passion leaked out. I wondered if it was the Lord’s way to move me on to another ministry. Options presented themselves. But I pressed in with Delaine. And waited patiently for our Lord. And he broke in with light and heat. That’s why I’m telling you this story. Because if you recognize lack of love for the church and lack of priority and passion, I’m not here to judge you, I’m here to tell you to press in and wait and God will renew your passion for his church. And he will, like he did for me, renew your awe that you’ve been made part of God’s family. And that you’re not alone. And that you have a purpose. You have a purpose, an eternal purpose to fulfill as a member of God’s church. Of this local church. Of Sovereign Grace Church.

So what’s the purpose? Here it is. I think you’ll recognize it. Sovereign Grace Church exists to make disciples who delight in, display, and declare the gospel of Jesus Christ. When we remember that as Christians we are together members of a body, sheep in a fold, citizens in a Kingdom, children in a family, bricks in a building, then we will fulfill our purpose to worship (that’s delight), to care (that’s display), and to reach out (that’s declare).

*Adapted from Together: Prioritizing, a sermon orginally preached by Rick Gamache on September 11, 2016*