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Opponents to Our Unity, part 3


In light of the coming changes at Sovereign Grace Church, there are three opponents that threaten our gospel unity and mission. The first is fear of change, the second is fear of risk, and finally, let’s not be afraid of our personal preferences not being met. Rick Gamache in his sermon Side By Side for the Gospel admitted: this is one that the other guys feel the need to remind me of ad nauseum. Apparently they’ve discerned that I’m the kind of guy who likes things a certain way. And so they are regularly adjusting my expectations. Those of you who have been to my pastoral study at our current church office townhome know that I have the coolest pastoral study I’ve ever seen. To call it an “office” is just wrong. It’s a study. I love it. I thank God that I get to work there every day. But it’s not going to be mine long-term. And my next work space will more than like be an office. Not necessarily my preference. Jon Hansel talks about “camping out” in the space we envision for Sunday celebration at Travelers Trial. He uses the word “camping” to adjust my expectations because he knows how I feel about camping.

There are churches out there who already have beautiful sanctuaries building bigger more beautiful sanctuaries. And there are churches breaking ground for new buildings. And that’s fine. God bless them as they follow him in fulfilling their mission. But that’s not us, though sometimes I wish it were. But it’s not. We’re just looking for that outpost for ministry. We aren’t looking for a building that’s going to attract a churched culture. We’re looking for the space God has for us to shine as a beacon of light and hope and truth in this dark world. And my guess is that, on the surface, what God gives us won’t meet all our personal preferences, but we can be sure it will be exactly what we need to fulfill our mission.

So let’s not fear change or risk or unmet expectations. Instead, let’s live the life of those who belong to the heavenly kingdom, united in our mission to delight in, display, and declare the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ. Amen? Amen!