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Opponents to Our Unity, part 2


The Christian life means change and with change comes five opponents to our gospel unity and mission. The first is fear of change. The second opponent is the fear of risk. Let’s not fear risk. As Rick Gamache in his sermon Side by Side for the Gospel, observed: We like things planned carefully and mapped out completely. And there’s nothing wrong with godly planning. But God often calls his people to take risks. We can sit and wait for everything to line up perfectly. And if we wait for everything to line up perfectly, we find we wait and wait and wait. But very often we see God move in response to our stepping out in faith and taking risks.

Now, I am not suggesting that we don’t need to be wise in our planning and in our financial stewardship. The elders take that responsibility seriously. But we want to walk by faith and go where God calls us even if it seems risky because God is bigger than the bottom line. Living like citizens of the heavenly Kingdom will sometimes look crazy by the world’s standards. And that’s okay. We will embrace the way of faith and risk for the sake of the gospel.

We’re taking a risk now. But that’s okay. Because we believe that if we’re to move into that particular building it’s supposed to be our offices, our ministry outpost, and our Sunday worship space. So we will allow ourselves to be pressed ahead by God. But we’re not going to allow ourselves to be pressured by man. If that’s our building, God will give it to us. If not, we will walk with faith and risk to whatever outpost for ministry he has for us.