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Nashville Statement


The elders of Sovereign Grace Church would like to draw your attention to an important development among evangelicalism. In light of our current cultural shifts, the Nashville Statement has been released. This is a statement on biblical sexuality, regarding homosexuality, transgenderism, and God’s good design for human flourishing. It is intended to inform, clarify, and encourage biblical and compassionate engagement on the topic.

Many Christian leaders were involved in the discussion, development, and signing of the Nashville Statement; including John Piper, J.I. Packer, Al Mohler, Rosaria Butterfield, and Jeff Purswell. Our own elders of Sovereign Grace Church have each signed the statement.

This is a historical moment in the timeline of Christianity. Definitions may change in our society, but God’s firm foundation stands (2 Timothy 2:19) and will always stand. The Nashville Statement is one way the church can band together to delight in, display, and declare the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ to a needy world.

For more information, or to sign the statement yourself, please visit: