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Meet the Brachles, part 2

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In the last post, we were introduced to the Brachle family. Today, you have to read the story of how Adam and Heidi met. It's hilarious! 

Tell us how you met! 

brachles for blogYou should know better than to ask two long winded people to tell the complicated story of how they met. We met in 2004 at my (Heidi) family farm. Does that suffice? Okay, okay. Grab some coffee and get comfortable. The more involved story goes like this: we did indeed meet at my parent’s farm. Adam was living there with my brothers between his junior and senior years at Crown College. My parents and I were both living in Alexandria, MN and had come down for the weekend for a family event. I was pursuing an internship with a Christian ministry in the south and wasn’t particularly interested in meeting anyone. I had met many of my brother’s college friends, most of whom were right out of high school so I didn’t really think it would be a problem. When Adam answered the door and was clearly not right out of high school, I knew I might be in trouble. I set out to ignore him the best that I could. Yeah, have you met Adam Brachle? He’s kinda hard to ignore.

I (Adam) had heard some things about this special girl and as I wasn’t interested in meeting anyone either, and had made plans with a friend to go to the Twins game that night. But Larry (Heidi’s dad) started talking to me and asked me about my plans after college. If you ever had the pleasure of meeting Larry, you know that conversation wasn’t a quick one.

I (Heidi) kept hearing Adam talking about his passion for the Gospel and for people and found myself becoming intrigued by this guy who was so sold out for the Lord. His was not a focus for worldly gain and success in the eyes of men as I had found most guys my age to be. I knew there was something special about this guy. My brother, Tom, and I had plans to go to the local county fair that evening for the annual tractor pull. We’re farm kids and proud of it! We asked Adam if he wanted to come with us and since he had missed meeting his friends for the Twins game, he agreed. Adam and I had a lot of time to talk that night at the tractor pull. There were quite a few breakdowns with the sled used to weigh the tractors down and the tractor pull went all. night. long. I knew at the end of the night that I was in trouble and that I was far more interested in getting to know this guy than I cared to admit. The next day at our family event, my grandfather asked me how I liked my brothers’ roommate? I played it cool and said that I thought he was a nice guy. My grandfather leaned in with a conspiratorial whisper and said that he had put in a “good word” for me with Adam. Oh. my. word. What?! Talk about embarrassing!

(Adam) Yep, Heidi’s grandpa had put in a “good word” alright. I would go over to help mow his lawn and he would invite me in for a break of root beer and cookies. As we talked (and he asked me lots of questions), he let me know that he had 4 granddaughters and would be okay with me dating any of them. The second time this happened he went on to tell me that Heidi was his special granddaughter and brought me a shoebox of cards and letters she had written to her grandparents during college. He plopped the box in front of me and said, “Now read them.” Awkward! I quickly flipped through a couple and wondered to myself what exactly special meant, if grandpa had to help her find a date. I couldn’t get out of there fast enough!! I liked talking to Heidi the night of the tractor pull, but I was still a little weirded out by her grandpa trying to connect us. Her brothers didn’t help much that week as they let me know about her witty sense of humor and sarcasm. They told me she was going to chew me up and spit me out. That’s not exactly a ringing recommendation.

(Heidi) Thanks Tom and Kyle! I decided that I wanted my best friend to meet Adam and feel him out for me. Since we all were going to be at the Luis Palau event at the State Capital the next weekend, we made plans to meet my brothers and Adam when we got there. To shorten this story a bit, the whole night felt off between Adam and I. He took everything I said as if I was throwing darts at him and then he replied with his own verbal darts. Eventually I got annoyed and started slinging them for real. I couldn’t figure out what had happened to the kind man I had met the week before. Of course, I was clueless to what my brothers had been telling him all week. It all came to a head when he decided to share with the group we were with the story of my grandpa putting in that “good word” for me. I was so humiliated and ticked off! I was angry because I wondered how I could have been so wrong in judging his character. My friend expressed similar feelings about it (I believe she called him a jerk) on our drive home. The next afternoon as I napped after work, my phone rang. It was Adam calling to apologize for his behavior the night before. I apologized too for not walking according to the Spirit in our interaction. He kept it short but said that he would maybe give me a call later that week. He did and soon our phone conversations grew more frequent and longer. The rest is history as they say! I will say that the Monday after we first met Adam, my dad told my mom that he was pretty sure that Adam was the right man for me and was praying to that end. We got married a little more than a year after we met.


Adam is founder of ​Youth Impact Racing​, can you tell us a little bit about this ministry?

Youth Impact Racing (YIR) exists to proclaim Christ to students through the avenue of racing. We provide life skills training and mentorship through an experiential remote-control car program. We strive to teach young people all they need to know about cars and racing. Theory and hands-on skills are taught through an integrated program utilizing classroom training and remote-control car racing. Youth Impact Racing is a non-denominational Christian program creating a safe place where students can grow and flourish.

The first 8 weeks of the program Student race at half speed while they learn how to race and setup cars to best handle the unique tracks. The first 8 weeks prepare student for the second season where students can race their own Traxxas Slash at full speed. The second season teaches students responsibility as they build their own racing program. Students have the privilege and joy of racing at full speed and learn to setup and fix their cars for ever-changing track layouts. There are certain specification and limitations to weight, height and gearing ratio students must maintain to win these races.

How can we get involved in this ministry?

  • You can pray for us. We could always use your prayers. Pray for our leaders and students.
  • You can volunteer to build relationships with students and their families. We want to see the Gospel change the lives of these kids and their families and we desire to build a bridge between the them and the church. You can be that bridge that connects them to the local church!
  • We need donations to do everything that we do. If it would give you joy, please give financially. Pray for our people. Pray about serving. Pray about giving financially.
  • Pray about starting a Youth Impact Racing chapter at SGC! YIR seeks to train and equip local volunteers to start chapters in their own communities. Youth Impact Racing will come along side you with training, coaching and equipping. We offer all necessary track equipment, RC cars, and curriculum needed to facilitate an on-going 8-week program. If you are interested in starting a chapter of Youth Impact Racing in your local church or community, please contact us for detailed information at