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Baptism Testimonies: The Hansel Boys


At our fall family picnic, we celebrated God at work through the sacrament of baptism. It's amazing grace to see folks publically declare their faith in Jesus Christ. 

Two of those baptised were young brothers, Vaunder and Russell Hansel. Here are the testimonies they shared... 

Vaunder: "I do not remember the exact date that I was converted, I remember that it was around the time that my family moved to burnsville. I have been in and around the church all of my life. I remember the first time that I really started to think about the gospel deeply was when my Dad was talking about how God sent his only son Jesus to come and die for us and he started to cry. Latter that night I was thinking about how my dad could love God so much that it would make him cry. I was not converted that night but a couple years latter I had a hard day in which I yelled at my brothers and my parents, and that night I was laying in my bed and thinking about how God loved me so much that he would send his only son to die for me, me, someone who just rejected his own family, someone who was self centered and did not care about others, someone who hated to help and only wanted his own way.  And then it kinda just hit home in my heart that I was going to die and go to hell because I did not care and did not love, so I went and talked to my parents and asked them to help me and they said that they can not help me in anyway that would matter eternally, only God can. And that night I prayed to God, and nothing was ever the same for me after that. I now love to help and serve others, I am no longer self centered and self driven. Before I was saved I wanted nothing to do with God I only wanted to do what my sin driven heart told me, but now I love God and I am no longer a slave to my sin because his son, Jesus Christ, took all of my sin from me and bore it on the cross for me.”

Russell: “Five or six years ago when we lived in our old house one morning my mom read me the story of Jesus dying on the cross for my sin. As she read the gospel story, I realized I was a hopeless sinner without God because I really enjoyed seeing my brothers get in trouble. It made me feel good when I didn't get in trouble because I felt better than them. But when mom read about Jesus I realized that I was just as bad as my brothers and was selfish and mean. I realized that I was hopeless without god. I understood that he and he lone can save me for my sins. I was changed in my heart when I realized that Jesus gave his life for a hopeless sinner like me. And the the part that made me see my sins was when Jesus gave his life so we can be saved.

Now that Jesus saved me I don't like watching other people get in trouble. I feel sad that they are struggling and I want to help them. Through Christ I'm a new creation that wants to love and serve because of what Jesus did for me on the cross. I'm happy in Jesus and feel happy to obey him.”