Sunday Preparation

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In our worship, be it singing or giving or sitting under the preaching of the Word, the goal of the members of Sovereign Grace Church is to experience God as gain. And to gain as much as we can from the Sunday Celebration we need the Holy Spirit to prepare our hearts to receive God’s grace.

  • Pray for Greg Dirnberger as he prepares to preach, Lord willing, from I Timothy 2:8-10 as we continue the sermon series Guard the Deposit.
  • Pray for this Sunday’s worship leader, as well as the worship team.
  • Pray for all those serving in Discovery Kingdom and on the welcome team as well.
  • Consider joining the Sunday morning pre-celebration prayer group at 8:00 or 9:00 a.m. in the hall adjacent to Discovery Kingdom.

Sermon Review

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Like a mirror the Word of God shows us where we need to make adjustments and like a lamp it shines forth the truth of how we can change.

This is a weekly post that, Lord willing, will help you to be more strategic in the application of the Sunday sermon to your life and the lives of those around you. For a brief summary of this past Sunday’s sermon (10/7/12), application questions for personal reflection, and resources for deeper study click HERE.

Preacher: Rick Gamache
Texts: 1 Timothy 2:1-7
Series: Guard the Deposit
Title/Audio: First of All, Pray

Quick Links

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Quick Links are recommended resources from the pastors of Sovereign Grace Church.

  • David Mathis encourages hospitality when he implores “welcoming unbelievers into our space, in hopes of bringing Jesus into theirs.”
  • Watch this video for an example of hospitality in the city of Chicago.

Upcoming Events

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Here are upcoming events at SGC in the next 2 weeks:

Monday, October 8

7:00pm | Greek Study Group

Tuesday, October 9

7:00pm | Grow

Sunday, October 14

8:45am | Foundations
8:45am | Two Ways to Live Class
10:00am | Sunday Celebration

Tuesday, October 16

7:00pm | Entrust

Friday, October 19

7:00pm | Resolved: Book Study

Sunday, October 21

8:45am | Child Dedication Class
8:45am | Foundations
8:45am | Two Ways to Live Class
10:00am | Sunday Celebration
6:00pm | 267 Senior High Small Group

See our entire calendar here